Fort Worth Skylines

Taken the same New Years Eve night.  Every year until the year after this one was taken, they used to light up the Radio Shack complex (now known as the Tandy Place since RS moved down the block).

Normally the signs read "Radio Shack" (or, briefly, "Tandy Place"), but were changed according to the occasion.  Unfortunately, they haven't been lit up since ~2006.  Hopefully the new tenants of the place will continue to use this setup.  It's a shame for it to go to waste.

Boy, it looks like we need to work on those emissions standards!

Actually, this was mostly a overcast day that the sun managed to peek through as sunset approached.

One overcast night, I finally started experimenting with longer exposures.

Another shot further down the river.

Wide shot.

The Pier One headquarters a little further west.  The lights at the top shine straight up.  The building opened in maybe 2004 or so.  The Vegans will notice us when the light reaches them in another twenty years or so.

Daytime from across the Trinity River on the west side of town.

Condos.  Ridiculously expensive condos with a nice view.

This is a great shot taken from the FW Club.  I only brought a long lens that day.

The moon was rising just as we were biking along this trail.  I stopped and took this and a few other shots.

A little closer, the moon stopped off on the roof for a bit before finishing its climb.

One of the (entirely too) many condo buildings around Fort Worth.  This was formerly (I believe) the Bank One building until a tornado ripped through downtown and messed it up.  It took years before they finally converted it though.

The courthouse the day before New Year's Eve.

A shot from outside the tunnel with a seriously cranked ISO and long exposure with downtown in the distance.

But watch this...

Light painting.  Melancholy and I panned our flashlights around while it exposed.

A view in the opposite direction.  I don't think we used anything but availble light here.

Ah, heavenly!  Not really, but that's the Pier One headquarters that I showed at night in an earlier image.

An interesting old apartment building where large portions of Raymond Chandler novels take place.

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