More Dallas Skylines, etc.

A view along the front of city hall.  I like this angle, but I should have taken a wide shot of facing the front for those not familiar with this place.

The Tower at dusk.

An excavation for a new building going up downtown.  Yeah, like there aren't any empty ones if someone needed space around here!

The (not so) Grand Hotel.  It has been abandoned for years and years.  No idea why no one has done anything with it.

That building again just after dusk.

The green building catacorner to the rest of the town.

And across town.  We were wandering on foot on this particular night, and this building always stands out over the rest.

An interesting constrast of the fence and the skyscrapers beyond.  I have no idea how I managed to keep everything in the same focus.

Looking up.  The spotlights and crane are from the excavation pit pictured several images above.

More of the green building.  I'm guessing you're turning a similar shade right now.

A building adjacent to the excavation pit where a construction worker was drilling next to the open frame overlooking the site.

A wide shot of most of downtown from the direction of Deep Ellum.

A little tighter.  I'm not sure if this is a zoom or if we were just closer.

That other building again from below.  Right down the street from...

...the Grand Hotel.  This makes for a great desktop wallpaper.

Tight shot of a cluster of buildings.

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