Dallas Skylines

I took this picture because the cluster of buildings from this angle reminded me of something out of Katsuhiro Ôtomo's comic book and movie Akira.

Different day, different part of town.

I don't know what's up with the sky.  There must have been a volcano eruption somewhere in the world to create this effect.

I wish I had taken more pics, but I was just waiting for a friend who had run over to a pay phone to make a quick call and I was illegally parked (Yeah, I know I need a cell phone.).

Another shot from the same evening.

I love that green building.  That should be obvious considering how many times it shows up on this page.

I didn't have a good camera or a tripod with me when I snuck onto a highrise rooftop with some friends, but I managed to get a few good pictures this night.

On a canoe trip along the Trinity River outside of Dallas with Dani and my friend Ben.

Dallas viewed from a highrise condo on New Years Eve 2004/5.

That's the Dallas Museum of Art in the foreground.

Some reflections of the green building, the edge of which can be seen at the right side of the frame.

Here's the green building again.

Dani and I started referring to this as the Matrix building when we went downtown shortly after having seen Matrix Reloaded together...

...the reason is that the reflections off of this building look like the precipitation of green code featured prominently in the movie and on everyone's screen savers for the next few months.

We're off to see the Wizard!

This is in a field leading to the Trinity River.  I had no idea this shot was this cool until I got home. 

Dani's the photographer, of course.

Sunrise through downtown.

Actually, the plan was to get there before dawn for some exploring, but Dani and I were a pair of sleepyheads, as usual.

Dani took this picture while I was driving.

Another picture from the other side of the Trinity River (different day, but pretty much in the same area as the photo before last).  Again, Dani was the photographer.

This was one that was to be seen to be believed.  On the way to our friends Don and Kelly's wedding, the weather was really rainy, and the clouds were low enough to rapidly pass between the buildings.

You wouldn't believe what it took to coordinate taking a shot between swishes of the windshield wipers and a view unobstructed by traffic, trees, and roadsigns!

My favorite green building caught up in low-hanging clouds on a night full of misty rain.

Probably my second fav building downtown.  It looks really gerat at night and shows up in a lot of these pics.

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