Downtown Excavation

For most all the years I've been in and around Fort Worth, this site was simply a parking lot.  Then, one day they fenced it off and tore up the ground to expose that another building had once occupied this space.  The plan was to build on the land, so I documented the process over the next few months.  Here is what transpired.

I hadn't really paid any attention to this site until the excavation uncovered the walls here.  At this point, the other side of the wall closest to me was starting to be revealed.

A close-up of the south wall though the fence.

The north wall.

A look into the pit.

11/22/06: Some close-ups
The workers were there on this particular day, so I walked in and asked if I could get some shots.  The site engineer was wrapping up his part of the job surveying the plans, so he was getting ready to leave.  He said sure.

He admitted that he didn't know the history of the original building but he believed it was a church.  This was the basement, and it was filled with boxes of things marked for the salvation army.  When the building was demolished, they just filled in the basement (I assume with debris).  After that it was paved over along with the rest of the property as a parking lot.

A ladder going down into the hole.

These supports helped keep the street-side wall from collapsing into the pit.

Some of the fill being distributed around the area.

Another shot toward the street.

These weren't windows exactly.  They merely opened into this space and allowed the basement to ventilate passively.

Originally they were covered with grates like these.

2/18/06: Three months later!
The rain just wouldn't let up this winter (nor in the months that followed), so the pit became filled with water for a time.

I was able to get shots like these from the parking garage across the street.  This was taken from the third level, but later on I started going up to the very top for better overviews.

About a week later they finally started filling in the hole, including knocking down the north wall (the side to the right).

They also removed a section of the south wall (Compare this shot with the previous), but not all of it.  They specifically cut through the section with a concrete saw (We were there for part of this), so there must have been a specific reason for this approach.

A close-up of the debris from where the wall once was.  You can see the remains of one of those grates at the top of the heap closest.

Here's a close-up of the cut section of the wall.  The smooth edges are from the saw, no concrete form.

Not the pit is moer than half-way filled.

Here's a view from higher up.

The real construction begins finally.

A close-up of a cluster of columns.

A row along the entire north side of the lot.

Some more columns being constructed.

From far up, you really can't see a lot of detail at this resolution.

One is the loneliest construction worker.

A close-up of the columns from up high.

Note that these vents are still here for the most part.

These guys are pulling the rebar framework of a column into a hole.

Notice how this hole at the far end of the property expanded.

Big drills!

More progress, though this is only a fwe days later, so it isn't as obvious.

At the far end, this structure is starting to emmerge.

And there's something similar coming up in the center.

Those vents are still there.  And now it is obvious why the wall sections were removed: To make space for the columns.

The two block structures are not concrete.

Here's a close-up of the near one.

Smaller columns are climbing up all around.

A view from ground level.

And then they put a floor on top of it.

Here's the overview.















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