Our Road Trip, part II
Continuing where we left off...

I couldn't decide whether to take the picture or to push her over.  Well, I guess you know what I did since you're looking at the picture.

These formations are called "popcorn," but they didn't taste like it.  Well, they were a little salty, but that's about it.

Just so you wouldn't think Dani and I are the same person, we got some nice old people to take our picture together.

This is the world's largest, firmest breast.  Okay, not counting Anna Nicole Smith's implants.

Hey, Chewbacca!

This formation was about 20' tall if not more.  It's actually called the "old man" or something like that, but I looked at it and thought, "Whatta wookie!"

There were loads of other great formations in there, but we didn't bring a tripod, so almost the long exposure pictures that were required in the low light ended up blurry.

Back in the sunlight, we headed back out on the road again.

Middle of nowhere, NM

Dani's right, the desert smells really good after a rain.

We found this old abandoned gas station along the way, which I covered more extensively in the urbex site.

We're going to come back here to film our Tarantino knock-off movie someday.

Daniella, queen of the desert.

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