The Wedding Tunnel
No, the name does not imply we performed any ceremonies here (although I did propose to my partner in a different tunnel; a story for another time).  However, my groomsmaid Katie and I found this one on our way back from a bridal show (don't ask), so I marked it in my GPS as the "wedding tunnel" until I had a chance to check it out a few months later.

Of course, by the time I made it back here, the tunnel had actually been extended.  This used to be a canal through a wooded area on the side of the road.  When we arrived, the woods had been cleared and the canal was covered over by the structure at the left.

If I showed up another couple months later, I'd probably never even know the tunnel run beneath this all.

Here's a look into the still-open areas on the sides.

Just inside the tunnel there's a lot of wood and the silt that always seems to much up construction sites.  We almost got stuck in the stuff on the way in.  I nearly lost a boot that was sucked down in it almost the full length.

That's a ladder.  And some more wood.  And Phil.

That's a recipe for trouble right out of Fight Club.

This is where the outfall was previously.  I once stood where Phil was with the sky above me.  (There's your creative writing prompt.  Your poems are due next Tuesday.)

Why they put rebar in a floor-level window between tunnels is beyond me, especially since this one was in a turn.  As a result, all the debris is thrust right into the barrier and forms a permanent clog.

For those lacking any imagination, here's an insulting illustration of what this would look like without the junk.

How does a wheel get down here?  Or giant rocks?  Or a couple of explorers?  I can only answer one of these.

Eventually we reached this point where things got kind of small.  We tried the short ones just beyond Phil for a bit as well as the round one, but found nothing interesting.

A spoon!  Really, if you're planning to get married soon, there's no need for a gift registry.  I could get you the whole silverware set just from exploring.

The "Exit" is a lie* as are the marijuana the "artist" has never seen and the pentagram painted by the same kid who also doesn't know enough about Motley Crue to figure out where the umlauts go.  Or what an umlaut even is.

*Unless you want to go a very long way and then are skinny enough to get out the tiny inlets that feed into this.

Alexplored 11/26/07.  Some pics by Explorer Phil.
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