Under University Blvd.
One of the biggest thrills in exploring is finding a secret right beneath your feet... or wheels, as the case might be.  University (aka 380) is one of the main roads through Denton, and one I have driven over innumerable times, so it was a huge surprise to find out that there was a tunnel right beneath it.

Although this gallery is a late addition to the site, this was actually one of the first tunnels Dani and I explored together, a little over a year before we revisited it... this time with a camera.

As usual, we started out downstream.  We stole Dani's mom's jeep for the day so I could move some stuff.

Yes, this one was a bit of a backbreaker.

Hey, look!  Someone else tried rafting through here!  Or maybe not.

In front of me was a huge blockage formed by a couple pieces of wood roughly the size of railroad ties. 

They're obscured by all the debris they captured since they ended up jammed behind the pipe.  However, once I got on the other side I was able to pull them free and set them up to flow out during the next heavy rain.  At least until they hit another pipe.

The tiniest crawfish I have ever seen!  There were a few others this size as well as a few full-grown guys.

On the other side of University from where we started is a spot where it opens out just at the edge of the parking lot. 

I never noticed this until we actually went through this tunnel the first time, even though I've been through that parking lot dozens of times before.

Just a shot of Dani peeking out from another tunnel in this section.

Uh, oh... cave-in!

There was just this one bad patch where the thin layer of concrete collapsed.  Fortunately, there is a huge sheet of metal above the concrete.

And this is how it turns out.... 

The water originates upstream via a canal on the other side of the parking lot.

Alexplored 11/6/04.
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