The Thurber Graveyard
I honestly don't think it would be an exaggeration to say there are far more dead people in Thurber these days than living ones.  It's a ghost town in an almost literal sense that way.

Here's the entrance.

The map lays out the arrangement of the graves with the Protestants at the front, the Catholics in the middle, and the "Afro-American" section at the back.  Rosa Parks would be spinning in her grave if she were buried here.

Yeah, I know.  I didn't burn my hand on it or anything.

This is the best they could do with some of these, and even metal isn't permanent.

The dates give you an idea how far back this place goes, even if you can't pronounce any of the names.

Of course, not all the stones held up so well.

Here's an interesting one that was apparently made in a mold rather than carved.  Clearly they spared no expense.

Still, it's better than PVC pipes standing in for whatever was so transient a medium that it's no long even there.

Gus was excited when we told he there'd be bones all over the place, but you can tell he caught on that we duped him again.

Alexplored 12/11/05.
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