Thurber Abandonment
Thurber, Texas was famous for its brick plant.  A lot of Fort Worth is built on the red bricks, including the streets.  In fact, many places that look like blacktop are actually covered over sections of brick (For example, there are sections that are exposed on the north part of Main St. between the stock yards and downtown).  Thurber became a ghost town when the brick plant shut down, and we decided to check out some of the abandonments in the area.

This is the only remaining section of the original brick plant: the tower (which is easily the tallest structure for dozens of miles in any direction).

Just to give you a sense of scale.

This building (whatever it was used for) sat behind the structure above.

Hey, this looks like somewhere a psycho killer would hide, and there's no one around for miles to hear the sound of our dying screams, so let's go inside!

A basement full of machinery and this pit full of water.

A look back down the stairs out of the basement.

Upstairs.  There's no college anywhere around here, but it looks like a frat house to me.

Damned cats did the same to my couch.

Wait.  They have a toilet.  What's the bucket for?

When I said clean out the fridge, I meant throw the stuff out, not let it rot in a corner!

Speaking of which, check out the old refridgerator.  That's pretty cool.

Inside?  Yuck!

And who skinned the mattress?

Or this one?  Now there's nothing to keep you from dropping your car keys down this crack and having to hitchhike home.

This is a rooftop on the section at the back of the building.  Those are valves, not birdbaths.

Next to the valves were these manholes (You can see one of them on the far right of the picture above).  The water was at least a foot deep inside.  The chamber itself was basically featureless, however.

A look at the back of the building from the opposite end of the roof.

Inside there was more water.  What this was all for, I still don't know.

More trash almost ready to collapse the rotting floor.

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