Target Tunnel
Next to the Target store in Denton is the descending part of an overpass that was recently expanded, through which you would find the tunnel pictured below.  Originally, this tunnel went straight through and you could see daylight on the other end, but something changed with all the construction, so I just had to scout it out.

The day before this, I went into the tunnel down to where it was too dark to see (I had no flashlight; the UrbEx gear was in the other car!), so the mystery remained and I was curious to see what happened next.  We happened to be on this end of town again the next day, so we came prepared.

There's Dani at the base of the overpass and the entrance of the tunnel.  I'm at the very edge of the parking lot, not too far from my car.

Guy in the car at the top: "WTF?"

Holy Christ, a NINJA!

Actually, that's just Dani again.  Note that the tunnel is completely dry here, as it was all the way back in this section.

This is as far back as I made it on my scouting run.  It's hard to get in a spot (especially a dry one) where you can see the perspective, but the original tunnel opens into a 12 ft high room.  The drop-off here is a little over 2 ft (which is why the other tunnel is always dry), so it was a good thing I wasn't rushing forward when I didn't have the flashlight.

The original tool with which I probed this spot: coins.  I took the change in my pocket and systematically tossed it, one coin at a time, in each direction to determine what was out of view (i.e., water, walls, alligators).

And here's the other side of the room.  The water was about 3 or 4 inches deep in the middle, but was only half that through most of the tunnels.

The tunnel in this picture, in spite of the fact that it's larger, was actually upstream.  And since it was larger, that's the direction we went.

This is the scene right before we discover the Nazi gold guarded by a werewolf.

Seriously, looking back, you can see that this tunnel is walkable whereas downstream... well, not so much.

I still have to scout out that section aboveground  to figure out where it empties.

Finally, we reached this room.  Dani is taking the picture from the entrance.

Unfortunately, all the tunnels were this size.  The one on the far left opened into the street near the light at the SE corner of the Target lot, though I'm not sure exactly where.

Another picture of the same room.  Despite appearances, the floor was dry here.  In fact, the curvature of the tunnels allowed us to keep our feet dry throughout. 

Yes, I know I'm an idiot to risk wearing canvas shoes while doing this sort of thing!

And then the return trip.

Alexplored 2/01/04.

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