Suburbia, Part II
Dani and I had been in the other part of this drainage system once, some time before we photographed any of the other galleries posted on this site.  We've stayed busy with underground exploration in the meantime, but we finally made it back to photograph this part of Denton.

We started out behind the library same as we did last time, but headed in the opposite direction.

The branch behind Dani isn't paved for most of the way the rest of the canal is.  It leads back to Locust St. and turns into a tunnel beneath the P.O. parking lot and continues for another quarter of a mile beyond.  (More on that another time when we make it back to photograph those tunnels.)

As with any water system, the canal grows progressively wider as you make your way downstream (as we were heading).

In spite of the apparent desolation of this water system, it is apparently we traveled. 

In this image you can barely make out animal prints (left of center) and bike tracks (not from either mine nor Dani's).

This was an interestingly high walled section.  The majority of the system tended to have the slanted sides found in the rest of these images.

Although not shown elsewhere in this gallery, there are a number of spots with much more rough terrain.  For example, in addition to the mud, rocks, and other more visible debris, one should beware of areas where the bottom has collapsed, as this leaves deep spots under the water... to be discovered only at the moment before you plunge into them.

It gets quite wide here.  I can only fantasize about dropping a kayak into here when the next hard rain falls.

This is the final stretch.  Just around the turn ahead is the end of this system...

...And here is the end of the line.  Beyond this is an ordinary (albeit very wide) canal.  Since it is very difficult to traverse by bicycle, I will have to report on it some other time.  My hope is to discover outfalls from other systems.

Interestingly, last time we visited this section, we didn't make it this far.  As I mentioned in Part I, as we approached this spot we ran across a pair of strangers, a black man and a white woman, both on foot.  Erring on the side of caution, we doubled back, but they (well, he) tailed us, though not fast enough to catch up. 

Alexplored 2/22/04.

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