Suburbia, Part I
As was mentioned in the "Death Star Trench" section, there are several main canals that drain the whole town.  I had previously explored many of these canals on my own before returning here with Dani.  This gallery covers a small section from the old library to as far as we could make toward the north end of town that day.

This is the first stretch coming from behind the old library.  We went in the opposite direction on this branch of the system last time (no camera, sorry!) and were chased by vagrants and/or serial killers.  True story!

GPS coordinates:
33.21947 N, -97.12912 W

The bad side of riding through (and under) suburbia is that you encounter a lot of bridges with the resulting tunnels filled with the utility pipes that normally run under the roadway.

...But there are a lot of nice, open areas inbetween.

...And then it's back to climbing over pipes.

Thankfully, all the poets felt they should leave the urban explorers something to read while they travel.

I'm going to assume the grammatical errors were intentional.

Dani gives us the Morlocks' eye view.

In an outrageous attempt to maximize the real estate, someone actually put a building on top of this part of the canal. 

Okay, so the building isn't in the best condition, but the basement is so spacious!

Hey, lookey.  I found a lighter!  ...And it still works!

I have actually found a student ID and a credit card on separate occasions as well.

The surprising thing is that the nicest parts of town are the most out of the way!

This has to be a skateboarder's dream.

Clearly, little Ms. Cranky is needing a nap at this point in the trip.

This part leads into the another tunnel on the northern end of town (including a really cool tunnel!).

Unfortunately, there was spot where the water was too deep and it was getting late by this point, so we headed back.

GPS coordinates:
33.22850N, -97.13705W

Distance (as the crow flies; actual distance was greater) =  0.506 miles (2670 feet)

Another treasure found on this trip: a toy spider, about 8 inches across.  Cool!

Green slime!  This photo has not been retouched.  I have no idea why this stuff was this color, especially as it was December and around 60 degrees F.

Alexplored 12/7/03.

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