Skateboard Tunnel
This was the second tunnel of the night for Brei and me.  Also, this was the second tunnel of the night that I had learned of on the net.  Whereas I heard about the Slaughter Catacombs from a reader of my site, I found out about this system when a search for the right keywords brought up an entry in a blog.  I wrote the author, and he provided me with directions.  Thanks, Ryan!

The entrance found by its aforementioned discoverer is a series of parallel tunnels like this that incline down from this spot on the side of the road to somewhere beneath it.

The tunnels empty into the larger section in the foreground.  Behind me is upstream.  Crouching as we were already, we really didn't feel much like crawling into this part beyond.

Here's another look at the tunnels where we entered.

Note that the floor is almost completely dry.  That coupled with the reduced headroom made Brei and I wish we had brought a couple of skateboards with which to coast downhill.

We derived the name of this tunnel from that and the fact that Ryan and his buddies discovered this system while skateboarding on the concrete just outside of this system.

Another poor autofocus image, but this is me crawling back from a side tunnel that I explored.  Most of it was similarly bone dry, but further back from here it was as much as a couple inches deep.  Neither Brei nor I were wearing boots (possibly from intuition but more likely due to exhaustion), so I went barefoot for a while since it was very clean.

I ended up in another small room that a lot of pipes emptied into.  A little further than that was a small round pipe down which I could hear water emptying in with an irregular rhythm.  I finally reached a room where it was pouring down from above, but I still have no idea why it dropped in that odd alternating fashion.

We finally reached the end, but the ceiling still wasn't very high.  It was already after midnight, so it was too dark to find where else this system might lead still further downstream.  I guess it will have to stay on my "to do" list for the time being.

Alexplored 6/14/04.

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