Under Six Flags Road
Dani and I were running around Arlington checking out potential exploration sites, though generally not having much luck.  I was driving at the time and passed over a canal that went right up to the road but did not continue on the other side.   From my perspective the canal was rather narrow, but it was deep enough to pique my curiosity.  I doubled back, and sure enough, it was definitely worth the trip.

Here Dani is checking out the entrances.  The canal actually gets a little deeper than this just to the left of the frame, but the sides are paved smooth (relatively) with asphalt.

Just inside the tunnel.  The light is coming from the curbside inlets.  Just behind me you can see that the tunnel curves.  This was a relatively schizoid design with frequent turns rather than the boring, one-note tunnels we find quite often.

This spot happens to harbor a lot of debris, mostly concrete.  However, other areas also contained sandbags that had apparently been carried by heavy rains.

After maybe 1000 feet into the tunnel, we reached this room, which branched off into a side culvert.

The tunnel ran for two or three hundred feet before we found where it started (this was upstream).  This was just a stream running through a lightly wooded area, though we hadn't figured out exactly where in terms of landmarks or street names.

After that side tunnel, we headed further up the main tunnel.  This room was a little further upstream, just around a few more bends.

We passed by this side tunnel on our way through.  I didn't photograph the rest of the graffiti, but there was a bunch of teenage attempts at neo-Nazi and satanic symbols.  However, the "EXIT" was most likely by the construction crew, given that it was in a different color than the rest of the markings.

Note that the ceiling was a bit lower in this area.  You can do a pretty graceful Groucho impression after doing his walk for a few hundred feet.

This is outside the other end of the tunnel, just outside of an apartment complex.  We weren't spotted, but I wonder how often people are seen coming and going through such an exposed entrance.

I didn't get the GPS coordinates since we were too exhausted to remember to pull out the receiver.  However, in the background you can see the Wells Fargo high-rise.  It was visible from the entrance and other exit we went through earlier.

We doubled back after finding the exit and went back to the side tunnel marked "EXIT."  I went down that and ended up behind the back yards of several other places.  I let Dani hang back since I figured it would be better if only once of us passed out from the heat.

Alexplored 3/20/04.

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