The X-Mansion, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
Erin goes up one set while I go up another.  Shadowcat goes up through the ceiling.  Show-off.

Well, it's spacious enough to do a Cannonball Special in here!

Third floor.  Lots of unfinished walls at one end of the building...

...but the rest was more or less wide-open.

Nice railing... fall though and down a couple stories.  Or fly (assuming you have wings).

Second and a half floor.

Do you see Nightcrawler?  Of course not.  Heh.

Back to the first floor where there was some junk... the aforementioned furniture.

Close-up: Light fixtures and a barrel full of fluorescent bulbs to go in them (had the fixtures ever been installed).  This looks like a set-up for something David Letterman would have done in the '80s.

Lots of pipes for wires that were never run.  Or maybe this is Warlock from the New Mutants?

The garage.  With a boat.  Go figure.

Cans of roofing tar.  No feathers though.

Many, many electrical boxes.

Did I show you the staircase?

Don't let the front door hit you on the front porch when you leave.

Alexplored 5/18/08.
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