The X-Mansion
Erin passes this place a couple times a month, so she's been dying to check it out.  All I supplied was a camera.  We still have no idea what they built this for, but I have a few guesses as long as you don't mind that they aren't grounded in reality.

The huge gates out front were locked...

...and we didn't know the password... we just jumped the fence and walked up to the former location of Xavier's School for Gifted Mutants.

A lone robotic pigeon spy camera watched us before flying off to report back to its evil master.

There were several spots like this around the front steps where obviously Wolverine and Cyclops took turns cutting the front porch cover down to impress a certain special red-head.

The DNA motif really played up the mutant angle.

The elevator itself was the Danger Room.

Inside joke for the fanboys.

Erin looks out in the general direction of nowhere.  Actually, that can be found in all directions seeing as how this was the middle of it.

Prof. X was obsessed with fireplaces.  There were no fewer than six of them on the first floor alone.  You need that many when Iceman's around.

A message from previous explorers?

This was one of the few pieces of furniture around here.

The back porch was as empty as, well, that third movie was.

Oh, look!  Another fireplace!

And another!  Unfortunately, there was nothing to burn anywhere in the place.  As you can see, rather than being gutted the way many abandonments are, this building wasn't even finished.

Leaves fell on one of the back stairwells.

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