Plano Mall Tunnels, part 2
Continuing where we left off...

We continued ahead for quite a ways, thinking all that time that the round culverts would eventually begin get smaller in diameter further upstream.

Thankfully, they didn't.  Instead, things opened out into a room.  At the edge of this room was this very high ceiling that was maybe 12' up (I forgot to measure it).

The two remaining culverts merged in this room...

...and continued onward as a single square tunnel like this.

It stayed this tall for a few hundred feet, but eventually dropped to about half this height.

In this shorter section, we found two knives.  I honestly thought that the first one must have been involved in a crime and was disposed of, but the second one made me think otherwise. 

Or maybe there were just two murders with knives in the same neighborhood east of 75?

Given the back-breaking height at this point, we considered turning back yet again, but I've been down that road before, so I kept going and found that things opened out again as you can see here.

This room had three such tunnels, although the only one we checked out thoroughly (i.e., the only one that didn't wear out the cartilage in our knees) was the one to the right.

We managed to get another GPS reading and finally doubled back.

Here's a pic from on the way back.  This is the opposite side of the room as the portion with the 12' ceiling before splitting again into the two culverts.

Back in the main tunnel we found a couple more side tunnels, but they were out of reach... though obviously Turtle tried.

At last, the end!

The opposite end of the main tunnels opened into a very nice creek that we may have to look into still more some other time.

Alexplored 2/23/05.
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