An Abandoned Outlet Mall
I used to live not too far from here, but hadn't been up this way in years.  This mall has probably been abandoned a decade or more.  When I first came up this way, the glass windows were still almost all completely intact.  Now there isn't a single entrance left that isn't boarded up.

Note the leaning streetlights.  Before you even pull up to the place you know it's cursed from the graves of the Indians they built it on top of.

All the back doors are metal and solid...

...but the front?  Nope.

Years ago, public entrances like this one were glass, and you could see right into the place.  There were still lights on back in the late '90s when I lived not too far from here even though the place had already been closed for years by then.  I have no idea who pays the bill for things like that, but I'm guessing we do.

Unfortunately, as you can see, the glass has since all been busted out and replaced with plywood.

Another entrance and leaning light pole.  It says on the sign that this was a factory outlet mall, but at one point it was a warehouse and/or distribution center for Blockbuster before they moved.

Busted-out signs.  Although this looks like it could be wind damage, I'm guessing not.

Alexplored 9/17/05.
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