A Bar in Mingus
After we checked out a number of things in Thurber, we went to Mingus, the next town over.  The town looked pretty desolate, but it was hard to tell what was closed for the weekend and what was actually abandoned.  However, this bar was wide open and clearly in need of (or hopefully in the midst of) some extensive repairs.

The front.  Yep.  Pretty happenin' little joint.

Here's the place from the back.  No alleyways to get mugged in here.

Alcohol and cigarettes are one way to make a fire.

I'm not sure if this is a prohibition or a statement that these were out of stock.

The place was a work in progress.

They had taken up the floors and revealed the brick runners on which everything was built.

Another view.  The ceiling is a close second to the floor.


Upstairs was a living area if you lacked a sense of taste or you wouldn't call this livable.

The boards were apparently cheaper than curtains in a town with no Wal-mart but several hardware stores.

The fridge was capable of freezing time else this building wouldn't still be here.

You know.  To liven things up.

Alexplored 12/11/05.
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