The Military Pool
In addition to the giant Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells also has the remains of a military base.  Much of it is in severely dilapidated shape (see, for example, the base's barracks), but this swimming pool, being concrete and metal, was still in salvageable condition... assuming, of course, there was anyone around who could make use of it.  Unfortunately, it's pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

This is one of the pools.  Even though it was raining on the day we visited, the pool was almost completely empty and was actually clean.  How did they manage that?

In the distance is the pump house which, coincidentally, was the name of my dorm room in college (ba-ding!).

Bottom of the pool.  Too bad I didn't have a skateboard.  Or maybe a good thing since I don't know how to actually skateboard.

A view past the shallow end to the kiddie pools.

The inside of the pump house.  I like all the spinny valve thingies.  Oh, but watch your step around the gaping holes in the floor...

...because you'll tumble about ten feet.  Even though the pool was almost dry, the lower level was filled with several feet of water.

Here's a look into the make-shift wading pool at the bottom of the stairs.

Another portion of the property that I really didn't get into to photograph.  Unfortunately, there was a cop patrolling the area, and since we were technically trespassing on government (albeit abandoned) property, we didn't want to risk having to deal with the law and explaining that we're the kinds of idiots who like taking pictures of things most people only stop off at to vandalize.

Alexplored 1/22/06.
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