House on the Hill
In the shadow of the Baker Hotel sits this house on a hill.  According to Jayne, the Baker Hotel's caretaker, this house is just about 100 years old.  Unfortunately, the place has been vandalized and stripped of anything of value.  From what I understand, a number of antique fixtures (e.g., the banister, etc.) have been removed.  Hopefully they found a better home as this one is only serving to bring down property values at this point.

It actually isn't a bad piece of real estate if you don't mind the Baker Hotel looking like the Eiffel Tower looks through every window in France (at least according to Hollywood).

The place looks like it was built out of about forty different materials... even before the plywood they used to board it up.

I'm not sure where the rest of the front step is.

The graffiti does at least make the color choices look sort of ironic.  I mean, did they really choose "Pepto Pink" for this room originally?

I don't know what the going rate for Legos is, but I'm thinking it's about somewhere near the price of gold, so someone should have scooped these up before they moved.

Honey, I think the Roomba's stuck.

The combination of graffiti and this wall paper really merges "rustic" and "urban" in ways heretofore unimagined by interior designers.

You know you're seeing too much of your mooching neighbors when you put the fridge wide open right by the front door.

In lieu of cable or, hell, even a tv, I guess you might while your hours away staring out the window at the Baker.  It was either that or turn that chair toward the corner and watch the paint peel.

A better look.  If this were a video and not a still image, it would look, well, exactly the same except the sun would go down eventually.

A look in the opposite direction (on another, much sunnier day).  Quick, look back and forth between this and the previous one like it's a Moebius strip.

Parties invariably end up in the kitchen.  Except here.

Hey, let's see what's upstairs!

While parts of the attic were carpeted, the majority of the space was devoted to experiments in "freak accidents."

Outside, the fireplace serves to warm exactly nothing.

Alexplored 1/22/06.
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