Another Graffiti Tunnel
As luck would have it, my poor sense of direction paid off for once!  On my way to Kristi's house, I happened to miss my turn and ended up a couple miles down the road.  However, I spotted a fairly large set of tunnels emptying into a canal, so I kept it in mind for later.  It just happened that "later" turned out to be later that night.

Here's the entrance.  You can see some of the graffiti already, but the whole length of the tunnel (a little over a half-mile) was filled with the stuff, pretty much all the way back. 

The place is a real time capsule.  In addition to this rendition of Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie, there were additional references to Def Leppard, Mtv, and a few other '80s icons. 

Here are some tiny little footprints.  They seem almost bipedal and side by side.  Could it be the Easter Bunny?

Remember when Day-Glow was cool?  Me neither. 

Most of the paintings weren't dated, but there were a few markings indicating when the "artists" were here.  The earliest of these was 1985.

A little beyond here was a side tunnel that opened into a natural waterway.  However, the main tunnel shrunk, as you can see below.

Toward the very end things got pretty tight...

...and we ended up looking at the moon out this drain slot before heading back.

It looks like the little critters were break dancing.

Multiple choice question: What wanders through drainage tunnels and fights the evil Foot Clan?

Alexplored 4/16/05.
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