The Furniture Tunnel
This one is so named on account of the fact it starts by several furniture stores, then runs beneath several more in the area.  There was no furniture in the tunnels themselves unless you have a very well-developed imagination coupled with an appreciation for minimalist post-modern art.

I could see the entrance to this one from the road every time we passed here, but that was almost always in the day during business hours, and this is a busy intersection.  On this night we didn't make it out here until after everything had closed and no one was around to wonder what was up with the flashlights, cameras, and boots.

Incidentally, how 'bout that photography, huh?  No flash, but no tripod on this shot.  I was still like a spider, young grasshopper.

Phil not too far inside the entrance.  From a distance I didn't realize this tunnel was large enough to walk in, but we've got room to spare unless we tried it on stilts.  Hey, don't laugh.  There's a World Record to be had here, I'm sure.

Muck.  That's the scientific name for it unless you can tell me something other.

A side tunnel.  Or a McDonald's Playground ride to hell.  You decide.

Phil checks out a side tunnel.  there's a grate above him and in another small room like this nearby.  Hence the leaves.

That's me stalking our quarry.

...and there he is!

I was kind of in a hurry to get the shot rather than zooming in, but that's a mouse/rat (don't know) swimming left from the center of the frame.  Yeah, I didn't know they swam either!

And here he is in the corner.  If Phil or I were owls, he would have been lunch.  Fortunately, we're vegetarians where rodents are concerned.  Except squirrel.

A close-up for the girls to go Awwwww over.  Ironically, they'd be screaming A rat!  A rat! moments earlier.

For the record, spotting a rat (or anything else) in a tunnel is a rare occurrence.  They tend to get out of sight long before explorers ever reach them.  This one just happened to me a moron as rats go.

We were working our way downstream (i.e., from the left), and at this point this tunnel joined the flow and the main tunnel split to the right to accommodate the additional input.

We decided to check out the side tunnel first since, well, why not?

It turned out to be a time-travel adventure.  That's my shout out to Eddie and Diamond Dave who are still kickin' it on tour this year.  The graffiti out-lasted Eddie's hip even.

More "artwork" in the water works.

Dude.  When was the last time you saw Billy Squier graffiti?  Seriously.

A gated inflow from a side tunnel.  I didn't bring the GPS with us, so I never figured out where this was exactly.  Who puts gates on tunnels this small (~4') anyway?

End of the line here.  Phil got a few shots while I took a nap, then we doubled back and continued along the main tunnel.

I did a terrible job of making sure the autofocus kicked in, but here's another trail left by the varmints.

Stalactite -  [n]  a cylinder of calcium carbonate hanging from the roof of a limestone cave.


More stalactites.

(Source: The ceiling.)

There were holes in the wall between the two tunnels.  Interestingly, at least a couple of these lined up with smaller tunnels like the one through here, presumably for an advanced game of beer pong.

The end.  The tunnel opened out into this canal and went who knows where next.

Alexplored 12/3/07.  Some pics by Explorer Phil.
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