The Extended Tunnel
One of the things Google Earth users are generally ambivalent about is the fact that the terrain photos are always a bit out of date.  They may not be current, but that means they're a look back in time.  In this case, we found that this tunnel had been extended to almost twice its original length.

We were in the area near here looking for another part of this tunnel, but I spotted the entrance from the car (Phil was driving) on the way even though it was down low pretty much out of sight.

The graffiti was inventive for a change.

That's a car bumper Phil's standing on, apparently from an almost-forgotten era back when bumpers were actually made from metal.  Today they're used to keep guys who left their boots in the truck out of the cold water for a couple seconds before they say screw it and plunge ahead.

Even though it was just one tunnel to begin with, these windows showed up on either side and led further back upstream, so we followed those...

...where they grew smaller...

...and eventually just dead-ended.

Same thing on the opposite site as well.  Yeah, seems like a waste.  I have no idea where (if anywhere) they led originally.

You could tell the animals had been through them, however.

This shopping cart apparently made it from the entrance to this point.  We didn't notice it until on the way back (We had taken the opposite side from the main tunnel as this one on the way downstream).

Here's a sealed-off feeder tunnel.

After that we ended up further downstream in a section that opened out (albeit fenced off) in Wal-mart's parking lot.  This was the part we spotted from Google Earth previously, but we couldn't get through the fence to check it out.

The photo looks like a painting because I used the natural light (i.e., no flash to attract the attention of xmas shoppers) with a slightly longer exposure.  Without using a tripod, there's a slight "smear" to the entire image.  Note that in this shot I'm looking back upstream to where we came from.

From here onward, pretty much everything was relatively new.  This section had previously only been a canal and not a tunnel.

Here's a middle section with an inlet.

Phil standing by it.  Notice there's only a trickle coming out...

...but on the way back it was pouring out.  Presumably the local nuclear power plant decided to dump their coolant all at once...

...where it emptied in a waterway that fed into a lake filled with fish with odd numbers of eyes.

Alexplored 11/26/07.  Some pics by Explorer Phil.
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