El Paso Abandonment
While wandering around El Paso, Dani and I happened across this place.  Actually, we were looking at another abandonment up the mountain, but this one was bigger and easier to get to, so we hit it instead (we were short on time or we would have done both).

I don't know what this place was supposed to be, but they had a big enough driveway.

The place was very badly vandalized throughout.  It's a ways from the surrounding neighborhood, so I guess kids could have gotten in here and really trashed it without anyone hearing anything.

Sadly, the home wasn't even completely finished yet.  There was still tape on the metal fixtures (e.g., window frames) to keep paint off of them.

There's a bit of graffiti to the left of me on the stairwell.  Upstairs there was even more of it, especially in one of the bedrooms.

As you can see, the walls were pretty badly kicked in in several places.  And yet people balk at the thought of putting kids on Prozac!

Every window in the place was smashed, even the ones around the top of the dome.  This required quite an effort considering how high it is.

If this place didn't belong to Hitler, then I hope whoever smashed it up got shards of glass in their eyes doing this.

The upstairs deck out back was littered with broken glass as well.

This would have been a good place to watch for Tuskin Raiders.

The whole house was clearly quite a mess, and yet the balcony railing hadn't been put in place yet.

I didn't see a "for sale" sign out front, but I'm sure you could get this place for a song.  But from the signs of destruction, you might find the neighborhood's a bit rough.

Alexplored 7/3/05.
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