Dog Run Tunnel

This was a tunnel that EMRoach* found and had explored many years earlier.  Since Melancholy and I were in the neighborhood, we decided to give it a go.

*I don't get it either, but I didn't think to ask.

The tunnel began as an incredibly long round concrete pipe.

Mel takes better pictures than I do, so here's one of them.

There were a couple "rooms" along the way, but they weren't anything interesting, and the tunnel itself was pretty much featureless overall.

Finally at the end was this tall room.  There was another tunnel that went off to the side that we also explored, but it wasn't long before it grew too small to continue in easily.

These guys are Spiderman.  There were little bolts in the wall that were just enough to find purchase if you were determined enough.  I wasn't and didn't try climbing it.

This isn't the view out through the drain, but rather a view across the field we went under.  I believe the tunnel ended at the far end at the edge were the factory was.

The name was coined by EMRoach and derives from the fact that the factory in the distance was used for manufacturing dog houses.  No, I really don't get where the "run" in "dog-run tunnel" comes from, but that's what he and his friends called it as kids.

Alexplored 10/21/06.
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