Desert(ed) Gas Staton
While heading out to El Paso, Dani and I passed loads of interesting abandonments.  I skipped most of them, but this one was particularly inviting, so I dropped in.  One of these days we'll have to make another trip to get some more of the sites we didn't have time for.

You see the mountains in the background on the right?  Other than a house next door to this place, that's pretty much all there was in every direction: Nothing!

Apparently this place was a store and gas station, although there's little left to indicate much else about it.

I don't know what's up with all the sheet metal.  Maybe this is where they hid all the debris from tha Roswell crash?

Home on the range.

This looked like a personal kitchen or something...

...but the two bathrooms were outside in a separate building.

Uh, yeah.  Sure.

Here's a view from the back of the place.

To the left of Dani was a large hole, partly filled in by erosion...

...that used to contain this gas tank.  (The law requires proprietors to remove these from the ground when a gas station goes out of business.)

This is me practicing my snake calls.  They didn't work though. 

I still haven't seen a rattlesnake in the wild.  Which is probably why I'm able to post this right now.

There was also the remains of a fire from long ago, possibly when the place closed down. 

There were no signs of human remains among the ashes, so no murder mysteries to solve this time around.  Case closed.

Alexplored 7/1/05.
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