The Death Star Trench
The so-called Death Star Trench derives its name from a couple similar features with its cinematic counterpart: It runs straight forward for some distance (more than half a mile) and ultimately dead-ends with a smaller tunnel that you could delude yourself into thinking was the exhaust port into which you should fire a pair of proton torpedoes.

Dani starts off the trip at the point where the "DS Trench" feeds into a larger canal.

The trench starts off only between 3 and 4 feet deep and narrows into typically 6 feet or so wide.

At two or three points the trench goes under a road.

The trench runs between the backyards of rows of houses on either side.  Apparently some neighbors don't have any second thoughts about dumping their rakings in this convenient pit for the rain to clear.

Another obstacle along the course.

End of the line... use the Force, Dani!

Note that the trench ramps up to its maximum depth only in these last few feet.

Total distance of trench:
0.659 miles (3482 feet)

At this point the trench branches into three smaller tunnels. 

The graffiti reads: "Art Collective: For any who find this... I leave my paint for you to use.  Please leave for the next guy." 

Of course, the rain probably took it miles from there by the time we read it.

The tunnel to the left in the previous picture drains the subdivision above. 

Note the raccoon tracks in the foreground.  Given the sheer walls on every side, I have no idea how they get in and out of the trench/tunnels. 

Being a biologist, I'm always hoping to find some evidence of an ecosystem, but they are greatly reduced when any life at all is present.

Heading back.  You have to spend a lot of time ducking if you don't want to lose an eye along here.

Heading home.  This is the main canal that the trench feeds into and goes on to run in both directions through a large swath of the town.

Alexplored 12/7/03.  My third time to the site; Dani's second.  I discovered it and scouted it out one evening, then we explored it together a few weeks later, and finally made this trip for the photos.

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