Dead Fish Tunnel

Here's another tunnel EMRoach found and showed Melancholy and me on our trip around Arlington.

The entrances are in the distance.  Yeah, someone wrote "Fuck" on the wall, but I've been in so many tunnels where this was just false advertisement, that I pretty much never get my hopes up anymore.

As soon as we were into the tunnel, the ducks came back out in the water.  See, we don't like being seen in public together.  People talk, you know.

Exposed bits of rebar turned out to be a good place to store debris carried by the water.  Earlier approaches involving plastic tubs weren't as effective as things invariably washed away.

There were quite a few dead fish in here, but I didn't have my chopsticks, so I couldn't tell you how many stars this tunnel merits in that department.

It's like this in reverse:

The tunnel made steps up like this in several places along the way.

And I know what you're thinking: 

Q: If you guys like to go exploring in tunnels with water in them, why are you always wearing Converse shoes made of canvas?  

A: Because we're idiots and proud of it, that's why!

This is a common phenomenon in the floors of tunnels.  The flow of water passes over any dips, and heavier debris that is caught in them will stay there pretty much no matter how much water you put into the tunnel.

Yes, that is a cumbersome analogy for flaws in the American education system, but you have to admit that it sums it up very thoroughly.

Alexplored 10/21/06.
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