Crowley Tornado?

I'm not sure what happened in this area exactly.  People toss around the expression that things "looked like a tornado had hit the place."  Well, it did.  I'm not sure of the history of this spot, but it made for some interesting sight-seeing.

This great big barn-like structure appeared to already be missing the roof before it collapsed.  I don't know if the tornado took it off to Oz or what.

Someone was confused about the concept of taking a dump in a toilet... and thought you were supposed to take the toilets to the dump.

They used to put stupid people in round buildings like this and tell them to sit in the corner.  They died from exhaustion within three days.  Two if it was sunny enough.

The roof sort of turned inside-out on this one and provided the combustibles required for us to sing The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire!  However, we aren't morons and (therefore) don't smoke, so there was no lighter available.

The trickle-down effect was a myth, and many regions were forced to go without roofs...

...or floors.

Burned patches of ground form the basis for my back-up hypothesis regarding the destruction: UFOs.

In another abandoned building nearby: Chewing tobacco cans.  About a million of them, all empty.  What we have here is a crime scene since this is a lethal dosage of mouth cancer if I ever saw one.

I've never turned my stereo up all the way to 10, but I figure something like this would happen if I did.

To save time in college, I used to use a similar filing system.

An odd collection of magazines from around 1999, mostly car audio and sci-fi movies.  In other words, someone needed a girlfriend.

A barn a little farther into the woods.  Who raises lumber anymore?  Doesn't that grow in the sun anyway?

They actually built the barn around the oak tree when the environmentalist wouldn't get down.

A view from the underside reveals the careful planning that went into this engineering marvel.

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