In the shadow of the Corn Kits...
On the outer edge of the old part of town is a huge tunnel that is as impressive as it is (as far as I can tell) completely unnecessary.  Dani and I explored this about a month or so earlier when we first started exploring together, then we returned to take pictures.

This plant overlooks this part of town and is right next to the big tunnel.

Every time I drive by here I always wonder, "What the #&%^ is a 'Corn Kit'?"

Dani is riding in from one of the two branches (I'm taking the photo from the other one) that drain the town into the big tunnel.

My "cheap" digicam jammed, so you can barely see Dani racing ahead into the big tunnel.  (Her tracks are visible in the foreground.)

Note that moderate amounts of water are directed into the tunnels on the left, so the tunnel on gets significant amounts when it rains.

Dani continues her Lance Armstrong impression.  The reflector on the back of her bike is just visible in the distance.

Beyond her, you can already see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

The end of the tunnel curves just ahead.  You can see the far wall lit up here.  The lights on the left are Dani's shoes and bike reflector.

The curve is just ahead.

Dani heads out into the canal.

The big tunnel dumps into the concrete-lined canal ahead.

On the left is where the smaller flow from earlier* ends up.

*Third picture, on the left of the frame.

Total distance = 387 feet

And here are the short culverts that deliver that flow...

...which I took back toward the Corn Kits plant.

The nice thing about biking is that you don't need boots as long as the water doesn't reach your pedals.

Dani could probably use a hand getting out of the canal.

You can also check out a view from the eye in the sky here.

Alexplored 12/7/03.

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