The Cable Factory
I had been here once before with Turtle, but it was almost dark at the time, so hardly any of my pictures came out.  Unfortunately, it was almost dark before we got here this time as well.  Damn it.  Well, we dragged his girlfriend with us this time anyway.

Here's the plant.  Or what's left of it.  It seems like a good piece of real estate for making or storing or selling things that are made or stored or sold.

We just slipped under the fence, but this guard house was wide open.

Notice the revolving bars?  That makes a great ladder if you want to get over the fence to take a look around.  Which is what we did, of course.

I couldn't get them in the shot, but these towers are a little over two stories (you can see them in the first pic on this page).

We climbed up them...

...and onto the roof.  This place is huge!

Although there are plenty of open doors throughout the place, we climbed through a window up here into the building.

Here's a look at some of the spaceous space.

Turtle checks to make sure the union posts haven't been removed.

Actually, there was a sad note from the supervisor about the plant's closing.  Apparently, they completely shut down; they didn't just transfer to a newer facility.

Thankfully the water was still on.  Not that we drank it.

There were lights on in some parts of the plant as well, which was something of a surprise.

Across the way was this other building that we hadn't checked out before.

Note that it was already dusk at this point, so I ramped up the brightness to make this look like it was early afternoon.

Inside the place were these little canals that led to a deeper spot in the center of the building.

Unfortunately, I can't show you that pit since the light was so dim already.

Here's another corrected image.  By this point it was almost dark.  We headed home along these tracks by the side of the building we had just explored. 

These tracks don't seem to be in much use (especially since there's a closed gate where they cross the edge of the property, but that's an elevated section of the DART rail to the left.

Alexplored 4/14/05.
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