The Abandoned Barracks
At one point in time Mineral Wells had a military base with a sizable swimming pool and lots of barracks.  I read something that indicated the base was closed in the mid-'70s, but I don't know much of the history.  The place has been decaying for decades now.

Here's a row of three of a total of nine buildings (four on one side, five on another).

I mean, these guys really brought the roof down.

Through the windows you can see that some of the buildings have just been used as storage for years.

A view through another window.  What's with the pipe collection?

Still more pipes.  I don't get it.

You couldn't get into most of the buildings very easily since they were sealed up (unless you went through the roof, obviously).  Also, one set of locals circled the place several times in a pickup truck.  I don't know if this was neighborhood watch or a prelude to a reenactment of Deliverance, but we cleared out of there before too long.

More dilapidation.

Is that even a word?

I can't tell if it's tethered like that to keep it from falling or if it's supposed to be leaning like that.

Alexplored 4/1/06.
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