The Baker Hotel: Another trip though, Part IV
Continuing where we left off...

The forward-thinking designers realized that though books were not yet invented in the 1930s, someday they would be all the rage, and guests would need shelves and shelves upon which to display them.

The floor in one of the suites claimed the cartilage of countless toothbrush-wielding maids.

A vomit bag is located in the back pocket of the seat in front of you should you experience nausea.

I don't have a dustpan anywhere near big enough.

On the (almost) top floor is the ballroom.  Because that's where you want people to combine enthusiastic spinning, drinking, and acrophobia into a recipe for a Hitchcock thriller.

Mineral Wells from above.  The glass is busted out from the try-outs for Dancing with the Stars.

Okay, those heels probably aren't doing wonders for the floor here.

A look inside a water tank at the top of the building (above the ballroom).  Somebody done drank it all though.

That's the tank.  About 10' high and a low C if you pound it just right.

The electrical, ummmmm, stuff(?) next to the water tank.

The motor at the top of one of the elevator shafts.  Oh, and a lightbulb Joe Orton* busted out.

*or Mr. Noblet if you're a Strangers with Candy fan and didn't get that the joke was derivative from an earlier, far more obscure but still quality film from the late '80s.

Some more elevator motors...

...and a close-up of one.  Because someone out there has a fetish.  This is the internet, and that can only mean there is someone fitting that description.

Maybe they can claim it was hail damage?  Oh, hell.  I'm betting they let the policy lapse about a decade or two ago.

Finally, the rest of the way up the stairs to the very top of the place.

What happened to the missing chunk, you ask?  Hey, what about what happened to Farmer Ted who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?  Ask yourself that.

Yeah, I know.

Alexplored 4/1/06.
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