The Baker Hotel: Another trip though, Part III
Continuing where we left off...

Here is one of the areas either being torn apart or put back together.  The doors are locked and/or boarded up around here and most other places so only professional demolition crews can come in.

Part of the spas.  Check out that high-tech treadmill!  The guests were really paying for state-of-the-art.

Stalls for massages (ostensibly, anyway)...

...whcih were right across from the steam room.

The hole in the wall wasn't a seriously flawed attempt to recreate a scene from Porky's.  No, it was a seriously flawed attempt to remove the solid slab of marble that served as a bench. 

Guess what?  They ended up breaking it.  Now we know what's denser than marble.

A dehydrated pool.

A close-up of.
A)  A dog's nose.

B)  The skin of the Fantastic Four's Thing.

C)  Peeling paint by the elevator button.

There's sure to be some graffiti somewhere in this room that says "Bukowski was here."

Just to give you an idea how crazy those wall colors made some of the guests.

A look up from out on the roof.

The house on the hill we explored later.

Up the stairwell.

Well, that doesn't look very comfortable.

The story goes that the carpets were supposed to have been replaced, but the contractor just dyed them and claimed they were new.  You can see the original beige color in front of the tv, and you'll probably wonder why either choice was considered valid at any point in time.

Guess which one the hooker's body is stashed in.

I always expect to see those creepy twin girls from The Shining when I look at this one.

Ductwork in the wallspace.  Ducktails on dvd.

The other toilets shunned Porcey for failing to notice that this was a black collar event.

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