The Baker Hotel: Another trip though, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

A large, open section of the basement that with a bit of wood panelling and some shag carpet could really be one hell of a rec room.

More shots of the basement (just in case you're looking for decorating ideas for your dungeon).

Looking out from the underground at the hotel.  Note: I didn't see my shadow, so look forward to a long winter.

The rest of the way to the top along one side of the hotel.

The face of the building across from the pool.  Oh, the sights it's seen.

In the locker rooms below the pool... everyone's favorite locker room prank: Placing a dead cat in a buddy's locker and leaving it to decay and desiccate for a few decades.  Oh, those crazy kidders!

That chick's butt again and the phone booths where Clark Kent once changed into Superman and back again, and somehow no one thought, "Gee, what's Superman doing in Mineral Wells at the same time as that nerdy reporter who's the same height, hair color, and crush on Lois?"

More of the first floor near the back.

Beyond the lobby is the mail room and offices where we found...

...a check (not from Ed McMahon) from 1958.  Back then $125 would have bought you a new car or a Pentium computer with a killer graphics card.

See what happens when you set musical chairs to Megadeth?

One of many spots where the leaking roof is taking its toll.

Thanks also to inflation, today Rose's lime juice has the consistency of prune juice.

Yeah, really smart.

Not the colors I would have picked, but I can see where you're going with it.  Okay, not really.

I couldn't reach it for a rub, but I'm pretty sure Barbara Eden lives in it.

Wide (but crooked) view of the whole room.

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