The Baker Hotel: Another trip though
A couple months after our last trip through here, Dokk arranged for another one so he could get still more photos.

While most of the really good stuff is long gone now, the place has sat abandoned for so long that even the newer things are old already.

This lamp was sitting in the lobby downstairs.

More of the first floor.

A scale in the kitchen.  If you think about it though, this might have been more effective if they had placed it next to a buffet table.

A once-lighted sign to the main lobby and elevators.

An old light fixture that's only there because most scavengers are under 9' tall.

The kitchen.

I think this was a potato peeler.  My doctor was Jewish, so I didn't check to see how this one worked.

The bottom of the elevator shaft.  I think this is about where Robert Downey, Jr. descended to sometime in the '90s.

Up the elevator shaft.  If you press on the walls, you can tell the place doesn't have prostate cancer.

An old maintenance room that was once filled with parts.  Actually, it's still filled with parts, just not many interesting ones anymore, sort of like Teri Garr's career.

That's Ronnie, one of the Baker's caretakers, who gave us the tour and who regularly gives teenage vandals a heart attack when he surprises them trying to sneak into the building at night.

Some of the old electrical system that used to power the Baker.  It's been severely dismantled now since there's nothing good on cable worth watching anyway.

One of Dokk's models (I forgot her name) in the basement.  Pink makes a good contrast with the concrete and rust, dontcha think?

More machinery.

Apparently this gauge went up to 75 amps.  Just to give you an idea, my amps only go up to 11.

The wooden clothes dryers I mentioned in the previous visit to the basement.  Ronnie's daring her to take off her clothes to try it.

Silky smooth!  No, not the wood; my hands.

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