The (haunted!) Baker Hotel, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

A view down another stairwell from the top.  This was from outside one of the suites.

Apparently ghosts are afraid of heights since they didn't turn up in this photo.

Further proof that Dani attracts creepy characters (Exhibit A: Me!).

Seriously, we took three or four more photos like this, and the orbs continued to wander about in the frame.


Similarly, we took several photos like this one since there were orbs around me as well.

In spite of the fact that it looks like I am looking right at one, we never saw any orbs without the aid of the camera.  I don't entirely understand why this is.

On the top floor was a ballroom (there's a better photo below).

The ballroom.  This room was probably a bigger disaster than a lot of the other areas... not that any of the place was exactly a showpiece any longer.

I don't know the guy in the picture.  He was just walking down the hall when I took it.  I showed the shot to him and told him he was being chased by a ghost.  He was like, "Oh, shit!"

Just a scummy-looking area of the hotel.  Mark my words, that's the last time I'll ever use!

A few more orbs.

A nice staircase.  I don't remember where it goes.

The kitchen.  One of the guys in our group got a terrific picture of an orb right in this area, so I went back and took a few shots myself.  I didn't have as much luck as he did, but obviously I did get a few orbs.

The only "weird" things that happened while we were there was that the camera failed to flash on four occasions out of the 132 pictures we took.  That has never happened before.

As for the orbs, 55 of the 132 images we took contained identifiable examples of them.  Admittedly, this wasn't a random sample, since obviously we kept snapping pics if an orb was present.  Regardless, this is far above our average for "orb sightings."  Of the approximately 1700 urbex photos I have taken up to this point, only 5% or so contain orbs, and these were typically smaller and/or less "substantial" than the ones we photographed at the Baker.

Still, questions remain.  More on that some other time.

Alexplored 10/9/04.
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