The Baker Hotel: A Grand Tour, Part III
Continuing where we left off...

The old electrical (or telephone) system.  There is a long saga of the Baker having its utilities cut and restored.  They're almost impossible to reconnect at this point though due to the city removing portions of the infrastructure.

Very funny.  Still, I guess it's more clever than most of the graffiti I've seen.

Ronnie on his way to unplug drains on a portion of the roof.

A small part of the extensive spa area.  This is what the Baker was famous for: pampering celebs with health treatments.

Dani tries out the steamer with Jayne.

Remarkably, there are still a few pieces of furniture here and there throughout the place.  I don't know when these pieces date from, however.  The place closed in 1972.

More furniture.  Check that carpet, huh?  This was almost certainly installed at the request of the swingers who I'm sure held a convention here at one point.

One of the stairwells.

A view of one of the suites on the (almost) top floor.

In the back of one of the closets is a secret cabinet used for hiding liquor during prohibition.  For the younger generation: This is like the hidden directory where you hide your porn from mom.

On the very top floor is the ballroom.  It's a bit drafty up here and usually occupied by pigeons thanks to the open windows on most sides.

There's a balcony that runs most of the way around the top floor where the ballroom is.  Just imagine the tons of vomit that have been hurled over this railing.

We also explored the abandoned house up the street (center of frame) because we're just dumb like that.

Note the raindrops look like they're falling up.  They aren't ghosts; don't even ask.

Above the ballroom is an attic.  This was a sleeping area for servants and also served as a storage place.  I store my servants at the restaurants I like.  That way they're right there when I need them.

Above all the elevator mechanisms and the like is this spiral staircase that goes the last part of the journey to the very top of the Baker.

That's Mineral Wells out there...

...and here's the view.

Alexplored 1/22/06.
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