The Baker Hotel: A Grand Tour, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

Here's the rain, and though it was the worst possible time to visit the pool area, that's what I did.

Here's a wider shot showing one of the subterranean entrances.

The pool itself.  It's about as easy to swim in right now as the one I don't have in my back yard.

I made a quick detour below where you can see these locker rooms.

Beyond the lockers were a lot of utility areas.  I'm not sure how they kept these off-limits from guests.

The "news room" door.  At the height of its popularity, the Baker had quite a few celebrities come through, and it was the source of quite a bit of gossip, hence the press was always on hand.

According to Wikipedia, Judy Garland, Clark Gable, the Three Stooges, Lyndon Johnson and Lady Bird, Roy Rogers, Will Rogers, Marlene Dietrich, Mary Martin, General Pershing, Dorothy Lamour, Jean Harlow, Sammy Kaye, Jack Dempsey, Helen Keller, and Ronald Reagan all stayed there at one time or another.

More of the basement.  This was part of the laundry room.  Actually, the table is larger than my entire laundry room.

Old washing machines, probably no longer under warranty.

These dryers are made out of wood.  They're worn so smooth after years of tumbling linens that they're softer than most fabrics that go into them.  Very cool.

Beneath the swimming pool in another part of the lower level.

Back inside on the first floor is this small ballroom.  The concavity on the ceiling forms enough of a parabola that you can whisper up at it, and it comes right back at you at almost the original volume.

Some areas are in much better shape than others.  I'm not sure what happened here.  In some parts of the hotel, it looks like things were under renovation at one point whereas in other areas (like this), it looks like a demolition site.

Some more views outside.  Note the broken windows.  Currently the building is in a steady free fall as a result of the broken window effect.

Another outside view.

A nice mural on the way to a blocked-off corridor leading outside.  Most of the entrances are similarly barricaded to keep out vandals.

Here's a busted-through area.  There are several places where walls have been knocked through like this.

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