The Baker Hotel: A Grand Tour
Whereas last time we were here we only had a quick "ghost tour" by some ghost investigators (who had only been through the place a few times themselves), this time around we had a true guided tour from Jayne, the caretaker of this building along with Ronnie who is the watchman and general repair guy.  We saw absolutely everything there is to see in the place.

Dani waits to get her shoes shined in the back of the lobby.

Once we gathered together, Jayne and Ronnie gave us a tour through the place.  The power had been cut by the city a number of times, the last of which was several years earlier.  We had flashlights, but Jayne could (and usually did) just plunge ahead in the darkness without one.

An old restaurant on the first floor that was once accessible from the street.

Note to paranormal investigators: That's Jayne's hand, so shut up.

Another area with more of the raised sections of the ceiling.

Part of the kitchen where leaves have made their way in through the vents.  Don't bother to call the health dept.; they haven't cooked down here in decades.

Teriyaki ate through this can which is why I'm sticking to soy sauce from now on.

I have no idea why Dani looks spooked here, but I'm just going to throw this picture in even though it has nothing to do with exploring.

A big pit in the basement.  This was about eight feet deep.  I couldn't find a basket from which to lower the lotion.

There are many more service corridors than you might think in here.

Although the vast majority of things of value have long since been removed, you can still find little artifacts that are several decades old.

One of many storage rooms throughout the lower levels.  This is the kind of closet space Dani could use.

The old elevators.  No, they don't work, but they're pretty to look at.  Dani continued to stare at them like this for another five minutes.

The roof was leaking on account of the rain the day we were there, so Jayne and Ronnie spent a lot of the trip moving things (like this rug) out of the way or unclogging rooftop drains.  However, they don't do windows.

Another shot of the room to give you a sense of the scale.

Another view more to the left.

This is the area overlooking the area in the previous pics.

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