The (haunted!) Baker Hotel

The Baker Hotel was built in 1929 and operated until 1972 in Mineral Well, TX. 

Although it is completely shut down at the moment, over this particular weekend, the "Water Festival" was going on (as evidenced by the banner in the middle of the frame).  This wasn't as Pagan as is might sound; the town was famous for its mineral waters.  The purported medicinal qualities of this water led to the hotel's appeal as a restorative center for Hollywood starlets and power players who wanted to "get away from it all."

Through Ben (fellow explorer and part-time paranormal investigator), Dani and I heard about the fund-raising tour given during the Festival, so we took a ride out to see if we could catch any ghosts.

All of these images were taken in 1200x800 mode rather than our usual 640x480, but they were resized to the smaller dimensions.

This is a shot of the main lobby downstairs.

A prominent feature of alleged paranormal activity is the presence of "orbs," these odd round spots that look like distortions on the film.  However, I'm not using film here, so go figure!

You will see these in the majority of these images, which adds credence to claims of a paranormal basis for this phenomenon.  Then again, who knows?

This is a shot on the balcony above the lobby (if I remember correctly).  Note the presence of a couple orbs near the top of the frame. 

To the left is Michelle, our tour guide and a member of Mystic Ghost Paranormal Investigations.

On the right is that girl from the Poltergeist movies who died as part of the alleged curse on the film series.  Yeah, I am so fucking with you.

More orbs, including one (upper left) that appears to be in motion.

Looking up the stairs.  Note the small, bright orb at the top.  There is at least one other to the left as well.

Our group had to climb the stairs throughout the tour since the electricity was out.  (No working elevators.)

In spite of the superficial resemblance to a famous scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, this was actually part of a huge spa area.

I wish I had taken more photos around here, but I was trying to save my batteries and memory card for photos in darker areas where we could see still more orbs.

A shot down one of the hallways.  Note the absence of orbs here.  However, other photos of this sort will sometimes show otherwise, which is why I don't completely buy the "dust" hypothesis regarding this phenomenon.

Another view down a different hallway.  I see at least two orbs.  You can see more if you stare at a bright light first.  Or if someone hits you in the back of the head.

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