Another Well
Like some of the other "wells" on this site, this one represents another hole in the middle of a lake.  As with many of the other things I've explored, I happened upon this one on Google Earth and decided to find out what things looked like from the underside.

This is the well itself, surrounded by waterfowl.

Originally, I tried to explore this with Melancholy and EMRoach, but we didn't have any luck finding our way in on account of it being dark by the time we got around to this spot.  I talked Dani into hitting it with me a few weeks later.

This paved path channels water down to the same stream the pond empties into.

This is where both empty out.  Dani isn't floating here; that's a concrete skin that erosion has turned into a free-standing wall.

Looking back upstream, this is where the two things empty together.

The tunnel isn't exactly the sort of place your chiropractor would advise you to visit, but it isn't all that long a trip to the spot beneath the pond.

This bird obviously came from the pond.  Whether he died down here or above and was washed in is a mystery.

Here's the end of the line.  The tunnel slopes upward at this point.

Different lighting.

Thanks to all the water pouring down, it was difficult to get a shot straight up or even to look straight up (thanks also to the sun in my dark-adapted tunnel eyes at that point), but the shaft appeared to be no more than ten or twelve feet straight up.

And then we went home.

This is another sort of a tunnel beneath the interstate.  I have no idea why it's here, but it was a convenient way to get from the pond to the other side of the road.  Great photo taken by Dani.

Alexplored 11/26/06.
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