Another Hermit Tunnel
Just a quickie here.  This tunnel turned out not to be very long at all, but it held a few surprises just the same.

Here's the entrance.  

Fun fact: Explorer Phil actually wears hiking boots to explore in.  The rubber boots are just a really, really big key chain he carries for good luck.

We went through the tunnel on the right, then doubled back through the other one (which was also on the right at that point, coincidentally) , thinking we wouldn't see anything interesting... but we did.  See the stones?

I named them Mick and Keef and Charlie and Ronny and Billy and... you get the idea.

Obviously these were arranged by druids to predict when the tunnel would be flooded by seasonal rains and they needed to get the hell out of there.

In the center of the ring were several coins.  These were placed on the body that was apparently taken by Charon across the Styx, but he told them to keep the change.

Farther along, just before the exit, we found a sort of a campsite where there was a bed and some belongings.  I should have taken a moment to get better pics, but we were kind of freezing our asses off and moved on pretty quickly.

Footprints.  (Don't strain your eyes.  You just had to be there.)  Apparently the resident moved in and out of here from time to time.  I don't know where (s)he went, but it had to have been warmer than here.

Alexplored 12/3/07.  Some pics by Explorer Phil.
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