Wet Flags Amusement Park
I don't know how long this Six Flags has been standing, but not very.  Personally, I think its location was ill-conceived from the start, and that's not even taking into consideration anything to do with synergy of topography and meteorology Katrina yielded.  It's been closed since Katrina, maybe forever.

Sign reads "closed for storm."  Uh, yeah.  Like two years ago.

Here's another entrance, also blocked off.  You can see the rides in the background.

Or maybe you can see them better now?  Geez.

Wide shot from a levee.  There was a bunch of water between us and the park, pretty much the opposite of that first Vacation movie.

Roller coaster.  Ooo.  Ooo.  Ooo.

This was as close as we got to going in.  It wasn't clear if anyone was actively guarding the place.  We already skirted a set of barricades in the car just to get this close.

A mask on the fencepost.  You can also see at left in the pic above.  It's been there a while.  The plants had grown through the eyes.  I'd like to see it in its full glory in the spring.

Another panoramic shot from another levee.  Look at all these rides you'd never trust your life on without them being completely rebuilt from non-hurricane distressed materials.

I don't know if New Orleans really needs a roller coaster that goes over the water.  We've got the Causeway, and you can do that at obscene speeds if you know how to avoid the cops.

We took more pics than this, but they're just more close-ups, all from a safe distance.  We didn't have the time to get arrested for trespassing when we were losing light as it was and still had more to do that day.
Alexplored 12/23/07.

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