Post-Katrina Explorations: Uncle Ray's House
My Uncle Ray and Aunt Margaret only live about a miles from my parents' house.  The four of them evacuated to northern Mississippi for about ten days during and after hurricane Katrina hit, and only returned when power had been restored to my parents' neighborhood.

Although my parents didn't get any water in their house, Uncle Ray's place had roughly 18" throughout the place.  By the time of this trip to his house, he had already had the place cleared of most of the furniture (which was trashed as a complete loss) as well as the lower portion of the sheetrock.

Here's Uncle Ray's FEMA trailer in his back yard, although he and Aunt Margaret weren't actually sleeping there. 

Dani used the bathroom in it and said it was incredibly narrow... which probably meant it was off-limits to most New Orleans residents.  No wonder they're so pissed off!

One of my cousins (Uncle Ray's and my dad's nephew, actually) was featured in an article in the Times-Picayune (N.O. and surrounding areas' paper) for how he fixed up his FEMA trailer for xmas.

Here's the work area of the garage.  Obviously he kept everything in there handy...

...but the rest of the house has been all but completely gutted.

The walls are put in as two separate boards, so it was possible to salvage the upper half of the sheetrock throughout.

Here are a few remaining belongings.  They kept the drawers for storage, but the furniture was put out as it was unsalvageable.

Here is some more stuff left over that was perched in the closets well above where the water reached.

The attic was full of salvaged belongings, although I didn't go up there to see just how much of their posessions survived.

Here's a view from the living room right on through out to the front of the house.

These appliances were saved as well, although the wallpaper isn't going to make it.

The only damage to the piano was that some of the paneling on one of legs was starting to come loose and (according to Aunt Margaret) the soft pedal apparently didn't work right.  I tried it out and it still played okay from what I could tell, but I only used the sustain pedal. 

Of course, I couldn't sit down because the bench had been tossed already.  I think most of the sheet music in the house was lost as well.

Alexplored 3/17/06, approx. six and a half months after Hurricane Katrina.
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