Post-Katrina Explorations: NO East Subdivision
Continuing where we left off in the same subdivision, here's another house I explored.

These floor tiles are the wrong choice if you're ever expecting to experience a catastrophic flood.

And these colors are the wrong choice if you or anyone you're expecting to visit isn't blind.

Why didn't they move this picture up just one more shelf?  Or to the mountains?

I never did get over just how many trophies I saw abandoned among all this destruction.

And those mold stains are the stars of a detergent commercial just crying out to be made.

More photo albums that didn't make the trip with the evacuees.

Advice to all:

  • Go digital.
  • Make back-ups.
  • Keep them off-site!

  • Do not adjust your set.  Do not try to strangle their interior decorator.

    See how the TV did the lemming thing?  We saw that a lot.  Presumably TVs float and just drift out of their little nook.  Sort of like what viewers do during commercials.

    More mold.

    It looks like they got the car out of the garage after the sediment was deposited.

    I'm not sure it they shoved a bunch of things in the attic before they left, picked them up after the flood, or what exactly.

    Naturally the water went over the top of the tub and toilet by quite a ways.

    The scary thing is that someone used the toilet after the flood (judging by the presence of the toilet paper).  And I don't think the water was hooked back up there yet.


    Judging by the look on his face, MLK thinks this place is a mess.

    The water did a number on the furniture, but this TV might actually have survived.  I didn't take the time to check though since I doubted there was anything worth watching on a weekday afternoon.  Oh, and the absence of electricity, of course.

    Here's a tree down in the back yard.  There were a lot of smashed out windows as well, some just from the force of the wind.

    Alexplored 3/16/06, approx. six and a half months after Hurricane Katrina.
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