Post-Katrina Explorations: NO East Subdivision
Continuing where we left off in the same subdivision...

Don't fence me in, Katrina!

Even in areas with relatively little damage, the fences were sure to be swept away.

I don't think there's anything more that needs to be said about this one.

Another stretch of desolation.

All of these cars were abandoned.

There was a lot more wind damage (or just shoddy construction maybe?) in this part of the neighborhood.

There is actually a fence around here somewhere.  Only a few pieces are left here.

Also, note the gray patches among the grass...'s all roofing tiles. 

(Go back and take a look at the roof in the picture above.)

Some more destruction.

Fortunately, Katrina was nice enough to set this car down on blocks before running off with the tires.

Note the big "X" with notation on the garage door.  I never fully cracked the code, but my friend Jason (who lived in the area) explained the following:

"The number at the bottom--usually 0--indicates the number of bodies that were in the house.  The number on the left only seems to appear (or be more than 1) on multi-family dwellings.  I've seen that number high in some of the apartment complexes along Hwy. 11 in Slidell.  I guess it's to indicate the number of locked doors they had to knock down to get into the place."

Alexplored 3/16/06, approx. six and a half months after Hurricane Katrina.
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