The Smashed House, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

So where's the water coming from?  If you had been there, you would have heard it before you entered the house.  It was coming out of the ceiling in the kitchen.  Why?  For how long?  Who knows?

This wasn't just a recent rain.  There hadn't been any to speak of, and we're talking about gallons per minute regardless... and this is the back of the house, not the part with the busted roof.  There had been no freeze recently, but that's likely what busted the pipes... perhaps a year or two earlier.  Who knows?

Here's a better look at the sprinkling down.  And a job for Mr. Clean next time he's in the neighborhood.

This is as close as I could get to the "rain" without getting the lens sprinkled.

Now let's go downstairs to the first floor/basement.

At the bottom of the stairs is what I like to call Satan's rec room.  (Note: That's a red reindeer.  Satan was away on a business trip at the time.)

A wider shot.  You can also see how this opened onto the back patio, such as it is (exterior shot to follow in a minute).

Caught in the headlights.

I'd never seen a Segway up close before.

It looks like they scrapped the walls.  I've got some ideas what they should replace them with, but I'm not sure if their tastes run retro.  If so, call me!

Another kitchen.

More of the kitchen.  Personally, I feel grimy if I let my dishes accumulate in the sink for more than one meal.

The kitchen is the obvious place to keep a bike.

While I was there (and since they were out of chips to snack on), I did a simple experiment.  Yep, the water was still on.


(Oh, but I'm an OCD enough environmentalist that I turned off the tap before I left... never mind the gazillion gallons pouring out of the ceiling above.)

Oddly enough, there was no water in the commode.

Though it was dry at the time, presumably water damage and gravity conspired to grab the ceiling tiles and move them...

The interesting thing about the decor of the '70s is that it was indistinguishable from severe mold damage as little as a decade later.

Here's the promised look at the back porch.

The end (of the house and this expedition).

Alexplored 12/26/07.
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