Return to the Smashed House, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

The same pile of junk in the living room as before, only now covered with an additional layer of sheetrock that has since gotten soaked then dried up, then fallen down from above.

Erin caught me in a lie.  I figured the tape for porn, but it turned out to be a Catholic religious thing.  We didn't watch it though since I automatically assume any religious media is like that tape from The Ring.

A close-up of that bathroom wallpaper I mentioned on the last visit but didn't do a zoom on.  It's appropriate it's in the bathroom though, isn't it?  It just makes me want to puke.

Erin spotted the peace signs on the bathroom sink cabinet drawers.

A pile of books and English papers.  If any of these were by Clive Barker, they'd congeal into a demon.

I know you think I can clone myself and Erin spontaneously, but this was all done with mirrors.

Actually, last time I was here, the mirrors were all intact (if a bit wet from the water leaking in here).  Not so much anymore.

I finally got to get a clear shot of the kitchen.  As you probably figured out, the water leak had been shut off, so it wasn't pouring through the ceiling any longer and the pools of water around here had dried up and left only mold spores that will claim my life before you read these, my final words.

Okay, I'm not dead yet.

Here's a, um, kitchen thingie?  Sorry, I can't cook.

Smashed stove.  Clearly someone was pissed that they ruined the soufflé.

In the fridge we found that ketchup doesn't keep its color for more than a few years* once the power is shut off.

*A Coke bottle on one shelf had an expiration date in the middle of '04.

A look down the stairs... which is where we're heading.

You notice someone moved the red reindeer and the Segway* is now covered with sheetrock that fell from the ceiling.

*Not an actual Segway.  (Again, sarcasm.)

I think someone had some body image issues.  Once again, this mirror was intact last time I was here.  I hope some pieces of it left the premises between the knuckles of the knuckle-dragging idiot that did this.

Sheetrock: The other white meat.

Long view of the downstairs (first floor?) kitchen.

A view of the swingset I didn't get over to last time.

Woods never photograph well unless they're cartoonish versions by Thomas Kinkaid, but what I was trying to show here was that many of the pine trees in the background had their tops snapped off like cheerleaders in a homecoming victory orgy.  Many of these tree-tops flew through the air and into the sides of houses or anything else in their path, usually doing more damage than the light flooding most of this area experienced.

UPDATE: One year later.  The house disappeared sometime around Thanksgiving.  I noticed its absence while driving through the area, but at the time I was in a rush and couldn't stop (it was also too dark).  It took until a few months later before I made it out here again to get a better look.
This is what a lot of the area still looks like three and a half years after Katrina.  Winds snapped the hell out of the pines.

And here is where the house once stood.

To the right in the previous photo, you can see this concrete structure, the only thing remaining on the lot other than some debris at the edges.  I never noticed this on either of the other visits out here, probably because it was at the back of the house.  I'm not sure what it ever was.

Alexplored 3/23/2008.  Update: 3/5/09.
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